Bear Story (1975)

Stone Lithograph (some are hand colored)

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 125

Edition of Épreuve D'Artiste proofs: 25

Print size: 13 ¼" x 15 ½"

Image size: 9" x 11 ¼"

BEAR STORY illustrates a story one of the Gambell Eskimo hunters told the artist when she asked how they hunted polar bears. "He told a long tale about running the bear with dogs until the bear falls in complete exhaustion. A hunter then runs in and holds up one of the bear's forelegs and the other hunters rush in and stab the bear to the heart. I think he was pulling my leg, but it made a good subject for a print."  Dale later said, "I think maybe it's a tall tale, but at least it's an Eskimo tall tale."

One of four stone lithographs created by DeArmond in 1975 and printed in Paris, France. The others:

​Eskimo Legend
Little Murre
Small Bird (1975)

Original price: $25.00