Belugas Dancing for Woman at the Bottom of the Sea (1977)

AKA belugas dancing for woman-at-the-bottom-of-the-sea


Dale DeArmond

Edition of 35

Edition of A/P: 2

Paper type: white Japanese

Image size: 11" x 18"

The legend tells of a great bird that stole a young woman away and married her. She was very unhappy and her father came to rescue her. But the great bird made a terrible storm and her father was so terrified he threw her overboard. She clung to the edge of the boat and he cut off her fingers. She sank to the bottom of the sea and her fingers became the sea creatures. The little fish comb her hair because she has no fingers and all the sea creatures look after her.

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Dale DeArmond – A First Book Collection of Her Prints.

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