Chapel of St. Nicholas: Killisnoo, c. 1898 (1986)

Wood Engraving

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 100

Edition of A/P: 10

Edition of P/P: 10

Paper type: Arches cover buff, a French made, all rag, neutral pH paper

Image size: 5" x 6"

Hand pulled by the artist on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, June, 1986.

In the 1870s the Northwest Trading Company opened a trading post and fish packing plant at Killisnoo, Alaska, a small island just off Admiralty Island. A whale station opened there in 1980. The people who came from the nearby village to work at Killisnoo were members of the Greek Orthodox church (Russian Church). The Chapel of St. Nicholas, Protector of Mariners, was built in 1889. In 1930 the whole town, including the chapel, was destroyed by fire and all the people moved away.

Original price: $35.00