Over the years, DeArmond created a number of Christmas cards. These were often hand produced, hand pulled by Dale herself, and were generally not available for purchase – they were unique, given to close friends and family. Early examples date from the 1950s, and they continued until about 2000, when the DeArmonds (Dale and her husband, Bob) announced that a reprint of the book The First Man would be a "Grand Finale" to her cards. Her hand-pulled cards were often personalized, and are rarely available on the open market.

In 1983, DeArmond was commissioned by Scanlon Gallery in Sitka, Alaska (now of Ketchikan, Alaska) to produce a series of Raven Christmas cards. These were designed by DeArmond, but were printed and not hand-pulled. Shown below (the purple and red ones) are examples from Arrowhead Press of Sitka, made in 2003. It's unknown just how many were made. 

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Christmas Cards – by Dale DeArmond