I am a life-long Alaskan who is relatively new to this extraordinarily prevalent artist. I did live in Sitka, Alaska (where DeArmond spent her later years) going to school. I've collected Alaskan art for a while but to say I'm a fan of DeArmond's work may be an understatement.

DeArmond's abstract woodcuts are probably my favorite. Personally I own only a fraction of her work, and none of her abstracts. I've been trying to collect her "Raven" series of woodcuts but that has been difficult. Attempts to make this website a complete oeuvre of DeArmond's works has also proven difficult due to the breadth and body of her work. I'm always searching for information, pictures, trivia, etc. of anything that may be  absent from the site. Anyone can help by contributing info and/or pictures below, or via the Facebook site page (located on the right).

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