Eskimo Legend (1975)

Stone Lithograph (some are hand-colored)

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 125

Edition of Épreuve D'Artiste proofs: 25

Paper size: 14" x 23"

Image size: 12" x 16"

ESKIMO LEGEND was inspired, and includes a story from Short Sketches from Oldest America, by John B. Driggs: "One time woman chew some spruce gum and she make a little figure and put a raven's beak on it. She like what she make so she put it beside her when she sleep. When she wake up, there's first man."  Driggs was a missionary at Point Hope in the early 1900's and learned the story from the Eskimos.

One of four stone lithographs created by DeArmond in 1975 and printed in Paris, France. The others:

Bear Story

Little Murre

Small Bird (1975)

Original price: $35.00