Feast of the Animals: An Alaska Bestiary (1987)


Written by Sheila Nickerson;

Wood Engravings by Dale DeArmond

Regular edition of 3000 copies (softcover)

Limited edition of 50 copies (hardcover; signed and individually numbered; contains an original print)

The illustrations shown below appear in this book; click on any image for more information. For volume II, click here.

The title of this book comes from the Eskimo observance of a feast day to honor the animals and birds who have let themselves be killed so that people can have food and clothing and the many artifacts they make from the hides and bones and beaks. At one point in the ceremonies the hunters return to the sea the bladders of the animals they have killed so that the inuas (souls) can return to them and there will be more animals the following year.

Original retail price:

Paperback: $12.95

Limited edition: $50.00