Frog People Bring Food for Skookum Jim (1975)

Part of "The True Story of the Discovery of Gold on Bonanza Creek" series (four prints)


Dale DeArmond

Edition of 38

Edition of A/P: 5

Image size: 11" x 12"

Comprised of four prints, the Bonanza Creek set depicts scenes from a Yakutat Indian legend telling of the discovery which led to the Klondike gold rush. A copy of the legend, as adapted by DeArmond from Dr. Frederica de Laguna's  Under Mount Saint Elias: The History and Culture of the Yakutat Indians, accompanied each set of prints.

Included in the book

Dale DeArmond – A First Book Collection of Her Prints.

The others in the set:

Frog Shows Skookum Jim the Gold

Frog Woman Crying in the Night

Skookum Jim Rescues Frog

Original price: $200.00 (for set of 4 prints)