From the colophon:
Mrs. DeArmond printed the wood engravings on Arches Cover paper using an Ettan etching press in her Sitka, Alaska studio. She also wrote the text of this booklet, which is handset in Garamond type and printed on an Asbern press in Tigard, Oregon by Alexandra Prestiss. Artemis BonaDea of Anchorage, Alaska designed and executed the binding for the accordion book structure which carries the engravings, this booklet and the box which houses both volumes.

From the foreword: 
​The Native peoples of Alaska created rich, elaborate cultures filled with strong beliefs and traditions. Their songs and dances celebrated the important events in their lives and, using the materials at hand, they fashioned breathtaking regalia to add significance to many occasions. These twelve wood engravings celebrate the hats and masks created and worn by the Native peoples of Alaska. In many instances, similar hats and masks are still in use today... It is my hope that my interpretation of these images will be received as a respectful salute to the many artists of the past who labored to create such beautiful objects.

​Original price: $300.00

The "Hat" series contains 14 titles. The 12 titles included (tap each image for more information):

​​​​​From Long Ago: Crest Hats, Masks and Faces from Alaska's Past (1996)

Artists' Book (handmade)

Design and binding by Artemis BonaDea;
Wood Engravings by Dale DeArmond

Edition of 15 (individually numbered)

Overall size (folded): 10" x 12"

Bound accordion-style. Contents are enclosed in a black clamshell case. Opens up to the shape of a Tlingit clan house. Each copy contains 12 hand-pulled color wood engravings. Colloquially referred to as "The Hat Book" by DeArmond.​

From Long Ago: Crest Hats, Masks and Faces from Alaska's Past and its binding copyright © Artemis BonaDea. Photographs by Frank Flavin.

There were two prints produced as part of the series, but were not included with the book:​