Joie de Vivre (1991)

Wood Engraving

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 25

Edition of A/P: 2

Paper type: Archival quality

Image size: 5" x 6"

Hand pulled by the artist from the endgrain maple blocks on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, August, 1991.

Note: the certificate of authenticity (COA) indicates that 5 were made for a book edition; however, there is no evidence such a book, featuring this title, was ultimately produced. It was included in the book  Tales from the Dena.


Brown Bear, Black Bear, and Wolf came into the village and tore off Marten Girl's arm to get the claws to use for a rattle.

Raven took his nephew, little Tree Owl, and went after the girl's arm. He tricked the villains and stole Marten Girl's arm back, brought it to her and put it back in place. Marten Girl danced for joy singing "I have my arm! I have my arm!"

​An Athabascan folk tale.