Leo – July 24-August 23 (1989)

Wood Engraving w/blind embossing

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 100

Edition of A/P: 10

Edition of P/P: 6

Paper type: Archival quality

Print size: 9" x 10"

Image size: 7" x 7" (includes embossed area)

Hand pulled by the artist from the original end-grain maple block and hand cut embossing plate on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, November, 1989.

Leo, whose pelt is proof against iron, bronze and stone shown here as a north Pacific sea lion pursued by an Eskimo Hercules in his kayak.

Leo people do everything right! They are also generous and enthusiastic and well aware that they are born to lead – which they do very well. With all that they are magnanimous and broadminded and they do put on a magnificent show.

Original price: $45.00