Miner's Drilling Contest (1979–80)


Dale DeArmond

Unknown Edition (first state – black and white) 

Edition of 30 (regular edition – 5 color) 

Unknown proofs were produced

Paper type: white Japanese

Print size: 19" x 24"

Image size: 15" x 20"

The print was commissioned by the centennial committee (funded through the City and Borough of Juneau, and the State of Alaska), celebrating 1980, Juneau's centennial year. It was part of a portfolio of works by Juneau artists, artworks created to relate to the history and spirit of Juneau. There are various minor differences between the two states (see detail in the overhead clouds).

In the early days of gold mining, drilling of the rock for blasting was done by hand. Hand-drilling was also a popular Fourth of July contest, with the deepest hole in a set time winning the event.