A wood engraving print of  Death of Whale, along with the original woodblock on the right.

Example of painting by DeArmond. Circa 1957.

This woodcut image appeared in a 1965 tribute program for Alaska Senator Edward Lewis "E.L." Bartlett (1904-1968), celebrating his 20 years in Congress. It is unknown if DeArmond produced any prints. In addition to her illustration, other contributors included Fred Machetanz, Claire Fejes, and Jimmy (Kivetoruk) Moses, Sr.

Christmas cards and images designed by DeArmond.

Some of DeArmond's "Nondalton" woodcut illustrations are showcased in a guide at a trailhead of the Turnagain Arm Trail, located in the Chugach State Park just outside Anchorage, Alaska.

Pencil drawings of Alaska Native children, circa 1950s.

This cotton scarf was originally designed by DeArmond as a holiday gift, for sale at the Scanlon Gallery in Sitka, Alaska.


Chronological examples of DeArmond's signature on a handful of woodcuts, engravings, reproductions and silkscreens/serigraphs.

A certificate of marriage license from the State of Alaska. 

Logo used by Raven Radio, designed by DeArmond. Circa 1979.

Sea Singers was created for this cover of  Cricket, a children's magazine.

Illustrations completed for an  Alaska Magazine article in 1978.

Advertisement in ALASKA Magazine (August 1983) for a Raven Christmas Card, designed by DeArmond.

Little is known about these Raven prints. They date around 1978 and are likely silkscreens. The "Magic and Mischief" print was hand-pulled by DeArmond; an altered image represents the logo for  Friends of the Juneau Public LibrariesThe other image was used as the logo for the  Juneau Audubon Society monthly newsletter, up until their December 2018 issue. Both prints appear to be quite rare on the open market.

Example(s) of DeArmond's certificate of authenticity (COA) for her wood engravings. Click on image to enlarge.

This unusual item might be best described as a "mixed media" work. It features a print by DeArmond made from wood pulp, abaca, cedar bark, and other natural fibers. It is presented with an overlay featuring molded paper objects, natural seaweed and shells by Sitka artist Mary Sarvela of Alaska Beach Treasures. Circa 1994-96.

Created in 1967, this was to replace an older Pan Am Clipper World map that had hung above the library check-out desk in the Juneau City Museum since 1951. Completed in wood, ink and resin. It is likely the only one of its kind, and differs greatly in style from the breadth of DeArmond's known works. Property of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum.

Single scarf, with 2 puffins. Circa 1983.