​​​Nine by Twenty-One: An Anthology of Illustrated Poems –​​ Nine Posters by Twenty-One Alaskans (1976)

Portfolio (limited edition)

​Contains Sheila Nickerson's PORTAL TRAIL with illustration by Dale DeArmond

​​Published by Fireweed Press; Juneau, Alaska

Size: 11 ¾" x 17 ⅓" (approximately)

​Contains 9 "leaves" of posters; all are individually signed by the respective author and/or artist.

Calligraphy by Julianne Jacobson; Anne Dillhoefer; Helen Weimer; and Jack Trent​. 

Note: published by Fireweed Press, this was their first publication from Juneau – a series of "broadsides" or illustrated poetry-posters. In addition to DeArmond's contribution, the portfolio also includes illustrations by Diana Tillion and Rie Muñoz, among others. A very limited edition, it's not known how many copies were produced.

Original price: $10.00