Mass-market, unnumbered softcover version, released in 1986.

On left, hard-bound slipcover; to right, the cloth-bound book.

Raven: A Collection of Woodcuts (1975)

Hardcover book w/slipcase

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 1250: individually signed and numbered

Contains 30 woodcut illustrations of the "Raven" series

Softcover: mass-market, released in 1986.

Note: the woodcut images in this book were originally produced in 1963. The  Raven on the cover was issued later in 1974, in advance of the release of this book.

This was DeArmond's second book, after  Juneau: A Book of Woodcuts. At a retail price of $100.00, she was not happy at the high cost of the limited edition. When the trade softcover version was released in 1986, she was very pleased.

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Original price: $100.00 (hardcover); $13.95 (softcover)