Shall I Make a World? (1976-77)


Dale DeArmond

Edition of 20 (first state; ochre background)

Edition of A/P: 5

Edition of 5 (second state; gray background)

Print size: 19 ½" x 24"

Image size: 16" diameter

Note: this was used by DeArmond as the logo on the Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) for many of her earlier wood engravings.

Raven, a frequent subject in DeArmond's work, wonders SHALL I MAKE A WORLD? The background is a "magnificent barrelhead I brought back from Petersburg years ago to use as background," the artist explained. She added, "I felt like cutting a raven, and obviously he was debating something. Since he made the world that seemed the most likely subject of his cogitations. And, he may have had some justifiable qualms!"

Included in the book Dale DeArmond – A First Book Collection of Her Prints.

Original price: $50.00

First state.

Second state.