Skookum Jim Rescues Frog (1975)

Part of "The True Story of the Discovery of Gold on Bonanza Creek" series (four prints)


Dale DeArmond

Edition of 38

Edition of A/P: 5

Image size: 11" x 12"

Comprised of four prints, the Bonanza Creek set depicts scenes from a Yakutat Indian legend telling of the discovery which led to the Klondike gold rush. A copy of the legend, as adapted by DeArmond from Dr. Frederica de Laguna's  Under Mount Saint Elias: The History and Culture of the Yakutat Indians, accompanied each set of prints.

Included in the book

Dale DeArmond – A First Book Collection of Her Prints.

The others in the set:

Frog People Bring Food for Skookum Jim
Frog Shows Skookum Jim the Gold
Frog Woman Crying in the Night


Original price: $200.00 (for set of 4 prints)