Sky Woman (1982)

Stone Lithograph (5 color)

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 100

Edition of A/P: 10

Print size: 15" x 20"

Image size: 11" x 13 ½" (approx.)

Master printer was Guitta Corey of Solstice Press; Anchorage, Alaska. 

Note: some prints were titled, numbered and signed under the image; others were numbered and signed near the bottom of the paper.

Eskimo in origin, although it is mostly (DeArmond's) own invention. Loosely based on a certain type of mask from the Aleutian Islands, the print illustrates a story of a woman who came down from the sky country, where she married a mortal and had two children. When her children were half-grown, Sky Woman took them away to live with her, and returned to her sky kingdom.

Original price: $180.00