This is a print of St. Michael's Cathedral at Sitka, Alaska, and was done from a photograph taken about 1888. The cathedral was built in the 1840s, during the Russian occupation of Alaska, and was the center not only of the town of Sitka but of the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska. It housed a rich collection of icons and other liturgical treasures sent to Alaska from Russia. On Sunday, January 2, 1966, the church was totally destroyed by fire. Most of the priceless church furnishings were saved, but the bells in the tower were melted down by the heat. A fireproofs replica of the church has since been constructed on the original site and houses the objects saved from the former structure.

Original price: $100.00

St. Michael's Cathedral, Sitka, ca. 1888 (1983)

Woodcut (5 color)

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 85

     Numbers 1–29: Kozo heavyweight, a handmade Japanese paper;

     Numbers 30–85 and 8 A.P.s: Arches Cover White, an all rag neutral pH. mould made French paper

Edition of A/P: 8

Edition of T/P: 2

​​All other prints destroyed and the blocks cancelled.

Image size: 12" x 15 ½"


Printing begun on January 15 and completed on March 4, 1983. Printed by the artist on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska.