Sunshine Man Story – #9 (1979-80)

Part of the "Nondalton Legends" series


Dale DeArmond

Edition of 25

Edition of A/P: 6

Print size: 19" x 24"

Image size: 15" x 20"

Long ago the people were looking for game but they could not find any, not even a ground squirrel. They had bad weather all the time and it kept raining and raining. One day a man came to the people. The sun shone right over him wherever he walked. The people told him of their plight. The sunshine man told them to follow his magic instructions so that the sun would come out and provide them with plenty of game animals again. They did what he said and good weather returned to them. Told by Antone Evan; gathered and translated by Joan M. Tenenbaum.

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