The First Man – A Cautionary Tale:

An Eskimo Folktale from Point Hope (1990)


Retold and illustrated by Dale DeArmond

Edition of 750 flexible softcovers, 50 hardcovers

Published and released by Old Harbor Press on September 15, 1990

38 pages

Both softcover and hardcover versions are individually numbered. The hardcover version contains an original, hand-pulled print by the artist. A later edition – unnumbered, unsigned, and published in 2000, was said to be a "Grand Finale" to a Dale DeArmond Christmas Card.

Contains (17) wood engraving illustrations.

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The idea for The First Man was first generated in the early 1970s when a friend told Dale about a small volume written by Dr. John Driggs shortly after the turn of the century. Driggs' "Sketches from Oldest America" contains several Eskimo legends, including one in which woman creates the first man.

Original price: $67.50 (hardcover)

Original price: $37.50 (softcover)