Raven's Wife, #11

Missing Animals' Story, #7

The Last Bear Hunt, #13


Ground Squirrel Story, #3

Bear Woman Story, #4

Caribou and Raven, #12

DeArmond, along with Alaskan artist Rie Muñoz, was commissioned to create public art in 1978 for the newly-built school in Nondalton. When asked by the people of the village what type of art they'd wanted, they said they wanted pictures of Joan M. Tenenbaum's stories. Dale and Rie visited the village early in 1979 under a contractual agreement to produce a series of prints based on local myths, and one of each of the prints would hang in the new school. 

The legends in the series were inspired by stories from the four-volume literary work entitled Dena'ina Sukdu'aGathered and translated by Tenenbaum, the collection was first released in 1976, in a limited edition of 400 produced, and later in 1984 by the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Each of the legends was told by a member of the Nondalton village. The legends of the entire series were printed on a sheet and included with each print order.

Nondalton is an Athabascan village on the shore of Sixmile Lake which lies between Lake Iliamna and Lake Clark at the north end of the Alaska Peninsula. 

The prints were available exclusively through the Alaska Northwest Publishing Company (via their Alaska Magazine). Each print was priced at $100.00, in a regular edition of 25, along with 6 artist's proofs. All images are roughly the same size, at about 15" x 20", and their print sizes roughly 19" x 24" (there were some exceptions). The last ones were offered first to those who'd purchased all previous prints in the series – thus making privately-held "complete" editions more likely. It is not known why the number "6" in the print series was skipped. 

Raven's Death, #1

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The Bird's Bear Hunt, #2

Sunshine Man Story, #9

Raven and Seal, #10

Foggy Woman Story, #5

Little Brother and the Wolf, #8