Eight bowhead whales circle a seal spirit in the center. Eight Eskimo women dance beside the whales. In each corner is the hunter's hand with the hole in the palm so some of the animals can escape.

Whale Mandala (1996)

Wood Engraving w/tint block and colored penciling

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 25

Edition of A/P: 2

Edition of 25 (second state; uncolored)

Edition of A/P: 2

Paper type: Archival quality

Print size: 9 ⅞" x 10 ⅓"

Image size: 7" x 7"

Hand pulled by the Artist at Sitka, Alaska on an Ettan etching press -- 2.25.96.

Note: while the certificate of authenticity states a production year of 1996, some 2nd state prints are dated 1995.