Yukon River Story (1990)

Wood Engraving

Dale DeArmond

Edition of 50

Edition of A/P: 5

Paper type: Archival quality

Print size: 9" x 11"

Image size: 7" x 9" (one 3" x 5", seven 2" x 3" blocks; put in the press and printed as one)

Hand pulled by the artist from the original blocks on an Ettan etching press at Juneau, Alaska, March, 1990.

Illustration for an Athabascan folktale about a man's journey down the Yukon River and his adventures with the different animals he met. Clockwise starting with the man they are: spruce grouse; mink; rabbit; the gnat people who were so small they made their canoes from dried leaves; wolverine; otter; and mouse.